Dosemealthi rugs

Dosemealthi is a town just north of Antalya.  The Dösemealti rug educational gallery is one of the first published sections of Jozan Magazine.

Dosemealthi (Nomadic Trading Company)
Antique Anatolian Dosemealti rug. (Exhibited by Carlo Kocman at Sartirana Textile Show 2010)
Rugs with Dösemealti design are often seen in Turkey. (Traveling in Turkey)
Dosemealti 20th. (Antalya Archaeological Museum)
Lot 163, an Anatolian Dösemealti, ca. 150 x 115 cm, end of 19th century. (Dorotheum 26 September 2012)
Lot 698, a Dösemealti late 19th century. Size 130×125 cm. (Wannenes 25 September 2014)

Images in the Dosemealthi rug gallery are published with permission from auction houses, dealers, collectors or museums.