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Alberto Boralevi, the organizer of Sartirana Textile Show exhibited a selection of very old fragments.

Alberto Boralevi.

Dennis Dodds was exhibitor at this year’s Sartirana Textile show. He was exhibiting some very old Anatolian rugs, and among them an early 18th century Central Anatolian rug. A great Suzani was also a part of his exhibition.

Dennis Dodds beside a Central Anatolian Konya rug from 1700-1725.
Silk Suzani 1825-50 exhibited by Dennis Dodds

Michael Craycraft, Galerie Arabesque, showed a selection of very interesting Balouch rugs. Among them a Taimani Balouch with excellent colours  and an Arab Balouch.

Taimani Belouch. Exhibitor Michael Craycraft, Galerie Arabesque
Arab Belouch exhibited by Michael Craycraft
Ulrike Montigel. Galerie Arabesque
Michael Craycraft, John Goodall and Cynthia

 John Goodall exhibited an early 19th century Sechour Kuba with great colours.

Early 19th century Seychour Kuba rug. Exhibitor John Goodall

Among Carlo Kocman’s exhibited rugs were an Anatolian Dosemealti rug and a Star Kazak in good condition.

Antique Anatolian Dosemealti rug exhibited by Carlo Kocman
A Star Kazak exhibited by Carlo Kocman
Tina Tabone

Tina Tabone’s speciality is Asian textiles. Among her textiles she exhibited an interesting Caligraphy shawl from Sumatra.

Caligraphy shawl from Sumatra, Indonesia exhibited by Tina Tabone

Among Panto Textile Art’s collection was a large selection of Uzbek Julkhyrs (sleeping rugs).

Uzbek Julkyr mid 19th century exhibited by Panto Textile Art
Alessandro Panto, Panto Textile Art, in front of an excellent Suzani
Igor Honkanen

Igor Honkanen specialises in textiles and in Finnish Rya rugs and in a later article we will tell about his special Rya exhibition. Among the textiles in his stand was a 17th century embroidery from Naxos, Greece.

17th century Naxos embroidery exhibited by Igor Honkanen
Antonio Chiari in his stand with Tibetan rugs
Tibetan rug exhibited by Antonio Chiari
Kurdish carpet fragment exhibited by James Cohen

More later…..

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