Bergama rugs

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Bergama is a city in northwestern part of Turkey with a long tradition for rug weaving. The term “Bergama rug” is often used for antique western Anatolian village rugs.

Bergama rug. Turkey, second half 19th century. Provenance: Alfred Ruppenstein, Munich. (Austria Auction Company 22. June 2019)
Detail of 17th century Bergama rug. Found in the tomb of Sultan Aleaddin Keykubad in Konya. (Anatolian carpets in the Turkish and Islamic Arts Museum – Istanbul)
A Western Anatolian rug which might be a Bergama. (Exhibitor Gallery Nomad at LARTA 2014.)
A BERGAMA RUG, West Anatolia, circa 1850 237 x 164 cm.(Bonhams 8 April 2014)
Lot 35, a Bergama village rug, West Anatolia, 180 x 180 cm, early 19th century. (Rippon Boswell 30 November 2013)
Bergama rug second half 19th century. (Lombardo)
19th century Bergama rug. (Exhibitor Mohammad Tehrani at Sartirana Textile Show 2013)
Bergama area rug. (Exhibited by Galerie Arabesque at Sartirana Textile Show 2011)

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