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The ICOC Turkey session took place 18 June in the morning and included lectures by Suzan Bayraktaroðlu, Vedat Karadag and Stefano Ionescu. Sumru Krody was moderator.

Sumru Belger Krody, Curator at the Textile Museum, was moderator of the Turkey session.

Suzan Bayraktaroðlu’s lecture “Two Ottoman Carpets in Vakiflar Administration of Cyprus” included presentation of two remarkable carpets collected by the Vakiflar foundation from mosques in Nicosia, Cyprus.

Vedat Karadag’s spoke about fake antique carpets and his lecture was entitled “New, Technically Sophisticated, and Deceptive Reproductions of Early Anatolian Weavings”. In recent years a new, technically sophisticated production of fakes and copies of old rugs has arisen in Turkey. By the 1980’s rug repairers were becoming very skillful in developing techniques to match colors and wool quality in restoring old rugs. In order to match the colors and feel of old wool during a restoration, they moved pile knots either from one part of a rug to another, or from one old rug to another. The high value that some of these restored rugs brought in the marketplace inspired these restorers to explore methods that would allow them to weave “old” rugs from scratch. They unraveled old kilims and washed the wool in cauldrons of hot water to remove the twist from the wool, so that it could be reused without detection. With all these developments, present day forgery rug and textile market has reached to much more successful level than the days of Teodor Tuduk.

Stefano Ionescu spoke about Lotto Rugs from Bistritza.

Stefano Ionescu held the last lecture in this session. His lecture was entitled “The Lotto Rugs from Bistritza, a Gem of the Transylvanian Textile Heritage”. The Bistritza carpet collection is the second most important Transylvanian church-collection, stored for almost 60 years in the Germanisches Nationalmuseum in Nuremberg. Of all the 100 Lotto rugs which survived in the Saxon Lutheran Churches in Transylvania the 14 examples from Bistritza are among the oldest and most interesting yet largely unknown. Stefano Ionescus’s paper focussed on seven unpublished Lottos dating from the 16th century from the Parish of Bistritza.

Stefano Ionescu’s lecture. Illustration: 16th century Lotto rug from Bistritza

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