14th International Conference on Oriental Carpets 7-10 June in Washington DC

The 14th ICOC International Conference will be held in Washington DC from 7-10 June 2018. As in 2015 the ICOC is being held in collaboration with the Textile Museum on the campus of George Washington University. The ICOC includes both conference and academic sessions, a dealer fair, exhibitions and also a conference extension. The opening reception of the Dealer fair will take place Thursday 7 June in the evening and the conference and academic sessions from Friday 8 June through Sunday 10 June. The conference extension will take place Monday 11 June – Thursday 12 … Read more

ICOC 14th in Washington 7-10 June 2018

ICOC has announced that the 14th International Conference on Oriental Carpets (ICOC 14th) will be held in Washington DC from June 7 -10, 2018. The conference will be held in collaboration with the Textile Museum and the George Washington University Museum. Dealers Fair Events begin on Thursday 7 June with exhibition tours followed by an evening reception at the Dealers’ Fair. The Dealers’ Fair will remain open from Thursday afternoon through Sunday afternoon. Sessions and exhibitions Academic sessions on Friday and Saturday will include sessions on Central Asian rugs and textiles as well as modern trends in … Read more

International Conference on Oriental Carpets 13

Washington, DC, in August, you say? Well, it all turned out very well. Planned and produced on a very short schedule, requiring Wendel Swan, who needed to be nearly omnipresent to put things together and bring it all off, the International Conference on Oriental Carpets was a real success. The hotel and dealers’ fair was in one place, four exhibitions were scattered about, the academic sessions were held one block from the Textile Museum, but it all worked. The conference sold out and the registrants, often critical of nearly any conference, gave ICOC 13, deservedly, good … Read more

Persian rugs at the ICOC Carpet Fair

4.8 x 7 Bidjar- sky blue sapndrels

The ICOC Washington DC from 6-9 August 2015 includes a Carpet Fair with some 15 esteemed antique rug dealers. Many of these dealers will bring tribal rugs and Persian rugs and workshop carpets will also be a part of the fair exhibition. And Persian workshop carpets are indeed collectable according to one of the exhibiting dealers Douglas Stock, Quadrifoglio Gallery. “It always seems curious to me that some dealers consider a mid level Belouchi bag worth $ 950 to be “collectable” but a Mohtashem Keshan worth $ 35,000 to be “decorative”. I do not see a similar theme with furniture … Read more

ICOC Carpet Fair

18th century central anatolian rug, mounted, 120x180cm. Exhibitor Mark Berkovich

The International Conference on Oriental Carpets 6-9 August 2015 in Washington DC includes a Carpet Fair with some 15 international antique rug dealers. The Carpet Fair will take place at Hotel Hilton Garden Inn, the conference hotel. The exhibiting antique rug and textile dealers include Mark Berkovich, Mete Mutlu, Rodney McDonald, Mohammad Zavvar, Seref Ozen, John Collins, Bertram Frauenknecht, James Cohen, Amin Motamedi, Fred Hazin, Adnan Aydin, Ali Aydin, Anatolian Picker, Murathan Ozgen, Douglas Stock and Rodolfo Kachanian. Hali Magazine will also have a table and Joyce K. Cole will be manning the booth. Carpet Fair opening … Read more

Lectures International Conference on Oriental Carpets

Alberto Boralevi, Chair of ICOC Academic Committee, has just released the lecture program for the coming International Conference on Oriental Carpets in Washington DC 6-9 August 2015. “As far as the lecture program is concerned the Academic Committee decided that this Conference will have a different format from the previous ones. We wanted to reduce the number of presentations to a maximum of 20 talks to be delivered in unique plenary sessions Friday and Saturday, including a keynote opening lecture. We didn’t have the time for a traditional Call for Papers and therefore we invited … Read more