Carpet Study Tour to Western and Central Anatolia June 2024

The ‘Carpet Study Tour to Western and Central Anatolia’ organized by Stefano Ionescu took place from 5 June to 20 June 2024. The traveling group was quite large and the first two legs (Istanbul and Izmir) were attended by 27 participants from 9 countries: USA, Canada, Italy, Austria, Denmark, Ireland, … read more

Historical carpets at Konya Ethnography Museum

Konya Ethnography Museum was established in 1975 and has a historical carpet collection. The collection is showcased at the museum’s lower floor. Among the carpets, the oldest and most characteristic Seljuk carpets, and other important carpets, were found in Beyşehir Eşrefoğlu Mosque and in Konya Alaaddin Mosque. The traveling group … read more

Anatolian rugs at Ankara Vakif Museum

Ankara Vakif Museum (Ankara Vakıf Eserleri Müzesi) is located at Ataturk Boulevard in Ankara. Today’s building which earlier has been a Law School, a Girl Art School and and an Office building has been used as museum since 2007. The museum exhibits carpets, rugs, wood, metal, tiles, textiles, leather craftworks from … read more

Arkas Carpet Collection in Bornova

Arkas Art Bornova hosts the Arkas Carpet Collection at the historical Mattheys Mansion in Bornova circa 10 km northeast of Izmir.

The Arkas Carpet Collection of 15th-19th centuries Anatolian rugs and carpets is probably the most impressive collection and exhibition of Anatolian rugs that exist today… read more