Antique Peasant Rugs from Sardinia and Abruzzo at Sartirana Textile Show

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The ongoing Sartirana Textiles Show, which will run through Sunday 14 September 2014, includes a very interesting side-exhibition about Italian textiles entitled ‘Antique Peasant Rugs from Sardinia, Abruzzo and other Areas of Southern Italy’ with textiles from Sartirana Castle and other private collections. The exhibition showcases some 40 antique examples of peasant weavings, including a group of 18th-19th centuries Sardinian bench covers from the Collection of Sartirana Castle.

‘The term peasant rugs generally refers to textiles produced by Italian folk tradition, primarily from the peninsula’s central-southern zones as well as Sicily and Sardinia. Today, the greatest part of this production is in Sardinia, but until the last century, there were many other famous, active centres.’ said Alberto Boralevi to Jozan Magazine.

Opening hours are from 10 am to 10 pm Saturday 13 September and from 10 am to 7 pm Sunday 14 September.

Alberto Boralevi tells about the special exhibition of Italian peasant textiles for a group of attendees on Stefano Ionescu’s Pre-ICOC Tour.
Detail. Sardenia 20th century
Textile detail. Abruzzo 19th century
Abruzzo 19th century
Abruzzo 19th century
Sardenia 18th century
Textiles from Sardinia, 19th century

Location and more information: Sartirana Textile Show 10-14 September 2014, La Pila (Sartirana Castle), Piazza Lodovico da Breme, 3, 27020 Sartirana Lomellina (PV)


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