Armenian rugs exhibition in Vienna as a part of the ICOC

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The Armenian Rugs Society has organized an exhibition ‘Armenian Rugs and Textiles’ 15 September 2014 in Vienna. This exhibition is a part of the TKF/ICOC Vienna-Budapest Tour 15-21 September 2014. The Armenian Rugs and Textiles exhibition including lectures will take place at Palais Sans Souci and starts Monday 15 September at 10.00.

The same lectures will be repeated at 13.00 the same day and include ‘The Oriental Carpet in Early Renaissance Paintings’ by Lauren Arnold, ‘A New Classification on West-Caucasian Rugs’ by Artur Telfeyan and ‘Armenian Embroideries’ by Berdj Achdjian. ‘I shall exhibit 20 pieces of my collection and these textiles are highly rare and therefore rarely seen’ said Berdj Achdjian to Jozan Magazine.

Armenian Safavid embroidery with a unique representation of Jonah and the Whale. Circa 1630. Owned by Berdj Achdjian.
Armenian Safavid embroidery circa 1630. Presented by Berdj Achdjian.
The Baptem of Christ. Owned by Berdj Achdjian.
The Baptem of Christ. Presented by Berdj Achdjian.

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