Anatolian Rugs from the Ottoman Empire at Mirco Cattai Gallery in Milan

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Mirco Cattai, Fine Art & Antique Rugs, Milan, is presenting an exhibition ‘Anatolian Rugs from the Ottoman Empire’ which will run through 11 February 2023. The exhibition will showcase 30 artifacts and carpets from the Ottoman Empire. This exhibition of carpets, gathered over 25 years of travel and dedication, presents a unique opportunity, to visit a collection of masterpieces, which equal in quality those held in museums worldwide.

These Anatolian rugs which arrived in Europe between the late 15th and early 17th century were widely depicted by European painters from the early 16th century onwards. Some of these carpet types are named after the artists who depicted them, such as Tintoretto, Bellini, Memling, Ghirlandaio, Holbein and Lotto. Lutheran churches in Saxon communities in Transylvania and museums in Romania still preserve around 400 carpets dating from the early 16th to the early 18th century.

The exhibition includes examples of West Anatolian ‘Tintoretto’, ‘Bellini’, ‘Memling’, ‘Lotto’, ‘Bird’, ‘Transylvanian’ and Star Ushak rugs from the mid 16th century to the 18th century.

Anatolian Rugs from The Ottoman Empire
‘Anatolian Rugs from The Ottoman Empire’
Mirco Cattai in front of a 17th century Ushak Selendi 'Bird' rug
Mirco Cattai in front of an Selendi ‘Bird’ rug
‘Transylvanian’ Column Rug
‘Transylvanian’ Column Rug, West Anatolia, Second half 17th century
Ushak ‘Lotto’ rug
Ushak ‘Lotto’ rug. Early 17th century

As a part of the program for ‘The Hali Colloquium in Italy: Florence, Milan, Turin and Genoa‘ the attendees will visit the exhibition 7 February 15:00-18:00, which also include a lecture by Stefano Ionescu. Participation in the Hali program requires registration.

Location and more information: Mirco Cattai Gallery, Via Manzoni, 12, 20121 Milan

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