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“The Sartirana web site is now operating online” says the event director Alberto Boralevi to Jozan Magazine.

“We have now reached the number of 34 exhibitors and they should be 35 at the end. Surprisingly one of the two best represented countries after Italy is Austria with 5 dealers, all coming from Vienna: Langauer, Mizrahi, Adil Besim, Bieler and J.Cohen. Also from Germany we have five companies (Arabesque, Sari, Tehrani, Michaud and Nagel). They could have been more, but Frauenknecht wants now to be considered as Istanbuli and Markus Voigt has become a Londoner!”

Baluch. David Sorgato
Baluch. David Sorgato

“I am happy that we have got many new entries and some of them coming from far away like Rupert Smith from Thailand and Marvadim from Israel. The special exhibitions or Dealers Collections as I have called them are now four because David Sorgato has decided to bring to Sartirana a selection of pieces from the beautiful and very successful Baluchi Exhibition he held in his gallery in June. At the Fair Sorgato will also present the English edition of his Baluch book, during one of the daily meetings that I have labelled as T4 (Tea-Time-Textile-Talks). Among the announced speakers we have already Luca Brancati, Alberto Boralevi, Hans Homm, Rupert Smith, Michael Craycraft, Jonathan Broido and others.” says Alberto Boralevi.

Baluch. David Sorgato
Baluch. David Sorgato

Opening hours and location:
Sartirana Textile Show 3 Venue Pila del Castello di Sartirana, Sartirana, Lomellina
6th -16th September 2007. Thursday 3:00 PM – 11:00 PM, Friday 3:00 PM – 8:00 PM  Saturday and Sunday 10:00 AM – 8:00 PM, Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday closed.
More information:

Jozan Magazine 12 August 2007

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