Rug study tour to Transylvania

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Stefano Ionescu has been organizer of rug study tours to Transylvania for several years. The last tour “Discover Transylvania 2008″ took place in May 2008 and was very successful according to several of the participants. As on previous tours the participants were guided through the rug collections by Alberto Boralevi.”Last week I broke with my company”, says Stefano Ionescu to Jozan Magazine – “so from now on I will spend more time on promoting tours and rug events. Next year I plan another tour to Transylvania and also a trip to Azerbaijan”.

Alberto Boralevi and Stefano Ionescu with the participants of the tour Discover Transylvania 2008 in the choir of the Lutheran Church of Medias. The tour study started in Bucharest, crossed Transylvania and finally reached Budapest, allowing the participate to view about 300 Ottoman Turkish rugs.

Contact: Stefano Ionescu

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