Turkmen torba

A Turkmen torba is a storage bag open to the long side and similar to a chuval but not so deep.

Ersari Torba. 105 x 45 cm. Turkmenistan, second half 19th century. (Siawosch Azadi Collection at Austria Auction Company 2 November 2019)
Tekke Torba ca. 40 x 115 cm, early 19th century. (Dorotheum 21 September 2015)
Yomut torba. Mid 19th.c. (Exhibitor Owen Parry at LARTA 2014)
Beshir Torba face ornamented with the Herati-border pattern, Turkmenistan, 3rd quarter 19th ct. Size 44 x 120 cm.(Nagel 27 March 2012)
A Salor torba, early 19th Century, ak su design with pink silk multiple guls, 44″ x 15″. (Mallams 12 January 2012)
Eagle group II Torba 118 x 60 cm. Turkmenistan, mid 19th century. (Austria Auction Company 18 June 2018)