Nagel Auction 27 March in Stuttgart

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Nagel will hold their next auction with rugs and carpets 27 March 2012 at 3pm in Stuttgart. This auction is entitled “Rugs & Carpets, Ethnographic Art” and their online catalogue includes 281 carpet lots. This auction also comprise of 24 Turkmen rugs from the collection of Dr. Werner Loges.

Viewings take place 24-26 March 11am-6pm and 27 March 9-12am.

Lot 5. Prayer rug with cartouche ornament,probably Cumra, Konya area, Central Anatolia, 19th ct. 179/162 x 125 cm. Estimate 2,500 EUR
Lot 6. Karaman prayer rug, Central Anatolia, 19th ct. 132 x 120 cm. Estimate 2,500 EUR
Lot 13. Ushak “Lotto rug” with cloud band border, West Anatolia, 17th ct. 153 x 114 cm. Estimate 28,000 EUR
Lot 14. Double niche rug with central medallion and lappets at both ends, Ushak area, West Anatolia, 17th ct. or earlier. 225×150 cm. Estimate 20,000 EUR
Lot 34. Beshir Torba face ornamented with the Herati-border pattern, Turkmenistan, 3rd quarter 19th ct. Size 44 x 120 cm. Estimate 900 EUR. From the Collection of Dr. Werner Loges
Lot 38. Ersari torba face with one medallion and four Kochak-ornaments, Turkmenistan, circa 1900. Size 52 x 110 cm. Estimate 400 EUR. From the Collection of Dr. Werner Loges
Lot 77. Borjalou Kazak with hooked diamonds on yellow field, Caucasus, 2nd half 19th ct. Size 236 x 145 cm. Estimate 5,000 EUR
Lot 92. Seishour square rug ornamented with a single Seishour cross and two rows of Seishour roses, Kuba area, Caucasus, late 19th ct. Size 106 x 105 cm. Estimate 1,800 EUR
Lot 115. A Shahsavan Sumakh bag face depicting an animal figure in a Memling Gul, Boz Qush, Khamseh area, Northwest Persia, 19th ct. Size 62 x 56 cm. Estimate 1,800 EUR
Lot 133. Qashqa’i tapestry weave Kilim, South Persia. Size 234 x 164 cm. Estimate 2,000 EUR
Lot 147. Ersari Torba with central ornament and four Sekis-Kelle-Göls, North Afghanistan, late 19th ct. Size 55 x 180 cm. Estimate 380 EUR
Lot 235. Qashqa’i medallion rug blossom ornamented spandrels, South Persia, 1st third 20th ct. Size 220 x 143 cm. Estimate 400 EUR

Location and more information: Nagel Auctions, Neckarstr. 189-191, Stuttgart

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