Nagel Auction 27 March in Stuttgart

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Nagel will hold their next auction with rugs and carpets 27 March 2012 at 3pm in Stuttgart. This auction is entitled “Rugs & Carpets, Ethnographic Art” and their online catalogue includes 281 carpet lots. This auction also comprise of 24 Turkmen rugs from the collection of Dr. Werner Loges.

Viewings take place 24-26 March 11am-6pm and 27 March 9-12am.

Lot 5. Prayer rug with cartouche ornament,probably Cumra, Konya area, Central Anatolia, 19th ct. 179/162 x 125 cm. Estimate 2,500 EUR
Lot 6. Karaman prayer rug, Central Anatolia, 19th ct. 132 x 120 cm. Estimate 2,500 EUR
Lot 13. Ushak "Lotto rug" with cloud band border, West Anatolia, 17th ct. 153 x 114 cm. Estimate 28,000 EUR
Lot 14. Double niche rug with central medallion and lappets at both ends, Ushak area, West Anatolia, 17th ct. or earlier. 225x150 cm. Estimate 20,000 EUR
Lot 34. Beshir Torba face ornamented with the Herati-border pattern, Turkmenistan, 3rd quarter 19th ct. Size 44 x 120 cm. Estimate 900 EUR. From the Collection of Dr. Werner Loges
Lot 38. Ersari torba face with one medallion and four Kochak-ornaments, Turkmenistan, circa 1900. Size 52 x 110 cm. Estimate 400 EUR. From the Collection of Dr. Werner Loges
Lot 77. Borjalou Kazak with hooked diamonds on yellow field, Caucasus, 2nd half 19th ct. Size 236 x 145 cm. Estimate 5,000 EUR
Lot 92. Seishour square rug ornamented with a single Seishour cross and two rows of Seishour roses, Kuba area, Caucasus, late 19th ct. Size 106 x 105 cm. Estimate 1,800 EUR
Lot 115. A Shahsavan Sumakh bag face depicting an animal figure in a Memling Gul, Boz Qush, Khamseh area, Northwest Persia, 19th ct. Size 62 x 56 cm. Estimate 1,800 EUR
Lot 133. Qashqa'i tapestry weave Kilim, South Persia. Size 234 x 164 cm. Estimate 2,000 EUR
Lot 147. Ersari Torba with central ornament and four Sekis-Kelle-Göls, North Afghanistan, late 19th ct. Size 55 x 180 cm. Estimate 380 EUR
Lot 235. Qashqa'i medallion rug blossom ornamented spandrels, South Persia, 1st third 20th ct. Size 220 x 143 cm. Estimate 400 EUR

Location and more information: Nagel Auctions, Neckarstr. 189-191, Stuttgart

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