A Chanteh is a small bag made by nomadic weavers.

Chanteh Afshar (58 x 43 cm) (Exhibitor Sadegh Memarian at Hali London, Hali Fair 2019)
Qashqai chanteh, 34 X 30 cm., Fars, SW Iran, 19th century, complete. (Exhibitor Michael Craycraft, Galerie ArabesQue at SF Tribal 2010)

Shahsevan chanteh, 34 X 76 cm. Soumak (extra weft wrapping) technique. A set of personal bags that fit over a belt and function as pockets. (Exhibitor Michael Craycraft at ARTS 2009)

Shahsevan chanteh 20.5 X 20.5 cm., NW Iran, early 19th century. Salor secondary gul. (Exhibitor Michael Craycraft at STS 2011)

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