An asmalyk is a five-sided Turkmen camel trappings used in a Turkmen wedding processions. Asmalyks were made in pairs to decorate the flanks of a bride’s wedding camel. Most asmalyks are made by the Yomut tribe.

Yomut Asmalyk, Turkmenistan, ca. 1870. (Austria Auction Company 22 June 2019)
Tekke animal tree asmalyk, Turkmenistan, 18th/19th century, 91 x 140 cm. (Nagel 24 March 2015)
A Yomut Asmalyk, Turkmenistan, late 19th century. 67 x 107 cm. (Nagel 9 September 2014)
Eagle Group II Asmalyk. Border area of North East Persia and South West Turkestan. Size: 87 x 126 cm Age: Mid 19th century. (Rippon Boswell 29 May 2011)