Tabriz rugs

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Tabriz is the capital city of East Azerbaijan Province, in northwestern Iran. Mid 19th century Tabriz rugs were often woven in court designs.

Lot 86. Tabriz Senneh-Baff 16′ 5″ x 11′ 1″. Persia, ca. 1870. Estimate: € 20000 – 30000
Lot 171. A signed Tabriz Hunting carpet, North West Persia. Early 20th century. 560 x 374 cm. Estimate 8.000 Euro
Tabriz full silk Tabriz rug, Persia. Signed: Rahim Poor Kazem. C. 640.000 kn. pr. sqm. C. 1940-1950. 196 x 136 cm. Est. 2400.- Euro.
Tabriz Cypress Tree Carpet, Isfahan late 19th century. Photo credit Stan Freeny
Tabriz prayer rug 19th century – Tapis Emir
Lot 143 Tabriz rug 1920 ©Woolley & Wallis

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