Qashqai kilims

The Qashqai’s are tribes people from the Fars Province in southwest Persia in a confederation of different tribes. See examples of Qashqai kilims.

Qashqai kilim – Carlo Kocman
Qashqai kilim circa 1850. Exhibitor Elisabetta Vignati
Qashqai kilim. Exhibitor N. Vrouyr, Antwerpen
Lot 117, a Qashqai kilim 260 x 157 cm
Detail of an early 20th century Qashqai kilim 900 x 155 cm (lot 142). This enormous kilim was sold for 10.625 euro compared with an estimate of 10.000 – 12.000 euro.
Qashqai kilim. Exhibitor Seref Ozen.

Images in the Qashqai kilim gallery are published with permission from auction houses, dealers, collectors or museums.


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