Qashqai bags

Lot 15, a Qashqai-bagface
Lot 15, a Qashqai-bagface
Qashqai Bagface
Qashqai bagface
Qashqai bagface, Persia 19th century. Exhibitor Owen Parry
Lot 15, a 19th century Qashqai bag face 78×70 cm
Qashqai bag, Fars Province, South West Persia, circa 1880. Exhibitor Hagop Manoyan.
Auktionshaus Dr. Hüll lot 8, a Qashai bag 65 x 67 cm.
Lot 68, Qashqai bagface 58×57 cm
Lot 13, a Qashqai bag
Antique Qashqai bagface exhibited by Owen Parry.
19th C. Classic Qashqai bag, silk wefts 1’-10”x2’-1” (56x64cm). (Exhibitor Michael Phillips at ARTS 2009)
This is a pair of Qashqa´i saddlebags. Woven about 1910. (Exhibitor Ron Hort at ARTS 2009) 

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