Lavar Kerman rugs

Lavar Kerman rugs or Raver Kerman rugs are produced in a town north of Kerman. The name Lavar is often used for finer Kerman carpets.

Raver Kerman rug 1920 (Lavar Kerman)
An historical antique Kerman Lavar rug, South central Persia. “The Leaders Of The World” pictorial rug. Late 19th century. 238 x 154 cm. Est. 17.000-20.000.- Euro.
Lot 1127. A Lavar Kerman carpet South Central Persia size approximately 11ft. 4in. x 16ft. Estimate: US$10,000 – 15,000
Antique Kerman Lavar, Persia. Design of Nader Shah sitting at the throne surrounded by servants, advisers and wise men, mainborder with hunting secenries. Top with inscription: Nader Shah. C. 1900. 233 x 144 cm.
Lot 2071, a Lavar Kerman carpet Central Persia size approximately 9ft. x 14ft. 3in. Estimate: US$10,000 – 15,000

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