Kashan souf

A Kashan souf is a Kashan rug with a flatweave ground and the design being piled as in normal rug.

Lot 61. Kashan Souf signed. Inscription in the field: “Order of Majesty Esmeil Waba Yahudi Irani”, Inscription cartouches: “The Divan of poems” by Saadi
Persia, second half 19th century. 271 x 180 cm. Silk warp, silk weft, silk and wool pile. Provenance: Austrian private collection. Estimate: € 50.000 – 70.000
Lot 258. An antique Kashan full silk souf carpet, Persia. Early 20th century. 299 x 201 cm. Estimate € 17,000
Lot 46, a Kashan silk souf, Persia 1880, 197 x 134 cm. Estimate € 14.000 – 18.000
Lot 6, a souf silk Kashan carpet, Central Persia. 331 x 233 cm. Estimate 4,000 EUR and hammerprice 4,500 EUR
Lot 229. Kashan souf circa 1920. Size 198 x 140 cm.
A full silk Kashan Souf, Persia. Centre design of flowers and foliage executed in relief technic. A fine quality, minor areas with metal threads. C. 800.000 kn. pr. sqm. Early 20th century. 219 x 136 cm. Estimation euro 2000 – 2900.-
Antique Keshan full silk souf, Persia. Niche design with flower vase in relief. C. 1900. 144 x 100 cm. Est. 2000.- Euro
An antique kashan full silk souf, Persia. Mint condition. C. 800.000 kn. pr. sqm. Early 20th century. 196 x 139 cm. Est. 5300-6700.-
A silk Kashan Tafazoli souf rug, Persia. Early 20th century. 156 x 105(ex. front weaving and fringes) cm. Est. 16.000.- Euro.