Jozan rugs

Jozan rugs are from the town of Jozan (Djozan, Djosan, Josan, Guzan) in the Malayer area. Jozan rugs are quality rugs of the Sarouk type often with designs as early 20th century Sarouks. Despite of that they are often sold as ‘Malayer’ rugs. Find examples of Jozan rugs in the educational Jozan rug gallery.

Jozan rug. First quarter 20th century. Rippon Boswell
Lot 16, a Jozan rug, circa 1920, 150 x 102 cm
Jozan rug ca. 1920. Dozar size 156 x 108 cm. Estimate 1,500 EUR
Jozan rug, West Persia, Malayer region, early 20th century. Rippon Boswell

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