Fereghan rugs

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Fereghan rugs from the 19th century are finely woven and from the area north of Arak City. They are also often called Fereghan Sarouks. This photo-gallery includes excellent examples of fine antique Fereghan (Farahan, Ferahan) rugs and carpets.

Fereghan Sarouk ‘Tree of Life’ Rug. Persia, circa 1880. 1.94m x 1.42m. £7500. Exhibitor Aaron Nejad
Lot 243 Sarouk Fereghan carpet West Persia circa 1890. Size 350cm x 253cm. Estimate GBP 4,000 – GBP 6,000
Lot 379. A FEREGHAN RUG, WEST PERSIA, CIRCA 1890. Estimate GBP 3,500 – GBP 5,000
An antique Fereghan rug, Persia. C. 1910. 192 x 124 cm. Est. 1350-1600.- Euro.
An antique Fereghan rug, Central Persien. C. 1910. 208 x 135 cm. Est. 1350-1600.- Euro.
An antique full silk Fereghan rug, Persia. C. 560.000 kn. pr. sqm. 19th century. 200 x 129 cm. Est. 4700.- Euro
An antique Sarouk-Fereghan figural rug, West Persia. C. 1910. 188 x 122 cm. Est. 3350.- Euro
Lot 3070. A FEREGHAN SAROUK RUG. Central Persia size approximately 3ft. 6in. x 4ft. 9in. US$ 1,000 – 1,500
4.8 x 7.1 open field Fereghan Sarouk (ivory), Circa 1890. Exhibitor Douglas Stock, Quadrifoglio Gallery
4.5 x 6.8 Fereghan Sarouk- ivory field. Exhibitor Douglas Stock, Quadrifoglio Gallery