Tuduc rugs

Theodor Tuduc was a famous Romanian rug forger. His reproductions and fake rugs included Transylvanian rugs, Holbein rugs, Lotto rugs and Spanish armorial carpets. The reproductions from his workshop in Romania were so execellent that he fooled museums, auction houses and collectors. These fake rugs are now collectable objects.

Tuduc rug. 265 x 190 cm. Romania, early 20th century.
Armorial carpet of classical Spanish design, believed to be from the workshop of Theodor Tuduc, Romania, second quarter 20th century, 9ft. 2in. x 5ft. 8in. 2.80m. x 1.73m.
Surprising similarity of the Holbein-design rug (left) from the Nickle Arts Museum in Calgary, most probably a Tuduc, and the early 16th century Holbein from the Brukenthal Museum in Sibu (right).
A Tuduc fake: The McMullan Armorial Lotto, Metropolitian Museum of Art
Cloudband Ushak, probably a Tuduc fake from circa 1930. Museum für Islamische Kunst, Berlin

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