European carpets

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Carpet production in Europe has especially taken place in France, England, Spain and Ireland. The earliest Spanish carpets are dated back to the 14th century. European kilims have especially been woven in Balkan.

European Art Deco carpet ca. 1920-30. Netherhampton Salerooms
Spanish rug, 18th century Cuenca, Central Spain, Castile. Rippon Boswell
Lot 208. A SPANISH CARPET. Estimate 5,000 – 7,000 USD. Approximately 15ft. 5in. by 12ft. 7in. (4.70 by 3.84m.) circa 1900
Early Spanish carpet first part of 19th century or earlier. Size 3.25m x 1.80m. Exhibitor Aaron Nejad.
French Savonnerie carpet circa 1810.

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