Lesghi rugs

The Lesghis or the Lesghians are a name for a number of tribes of the northeast Caucasus. The Lesghi Star design is mostly connected to rugs from northeast Caucasus.

Lot 163. Lesghi, North East Caucasus, ca.125 x 100 cm, circa 1870. Estimate EUR 1.000 to 1.200
Rare Lesghi Prayer Rug, Caucasus, c. 1900; 5 foot 11 inches x 4 foot 2 inches, est.: $8,000-12,000
Lot 119, a Lesghi-Shirvan circa 1920. Size 127 x 185 cm. Estimate EUR 1,040 – 1,390
Lot 1467, an antique Lesghi.
Lot 1456, an antique Lesghi 88 x 100 cm. Estimate 1,120 – 1,500 EUR
Star Lesghi – exhibitor Michael Craycraft

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