Ushak rugs

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Ushak (Oushak) is a town in west central Anatolia. Ushak rugs have been woven in Ushak since the 15th century. Check also our auction price guide with Ushak rugs.

Lot 64. Oushak Rug, West Anatolia, late 19th c., 16’11” x 17’10” (516 x 544 cm). (Material Culture 17 December 2018)
Antique Oushak Prayer Rug. (Exhibitor Craig Hatch)
Lot 1480, an antique Anatolian Oushak 340×425 cm. (Koller 21 June 2012)
Late 19th century Ushak. (Exhibited by Mohammad Tehrani at Sartirana 2011)

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