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The International Conference on Oriental Rugs in Istanbul 2007 was a great success. Now ICOC is back in Istanbul 6-9 June 2024. ICOC XV includes academic sessions and lectures, exhibitions, dealer’s fair, pre- and post conference tours and much more.

The venue for the conference is The Marmara Taksim Hotel, 6-9 June 2024 where Academic Sessions will take place 7-8 June and where the Dealer’s Fair will be open 6-9 June. The Opening Session at the hotel will take place 6 June 5.30pm with keynote speaker Walter Denny about the topic ‘Conservation and New Tehcnological Frontiers in Carpet Study’. Exhibitions 7-8 June at Turkish and Islamic Arts Museum, Topkapi Palace, Tophane-i Amire will show rugs and kilims from different centuries.

Blue Mosque in Istanbul
Blue Mosque in Istanbul
Carpet fragment 17-18th century
Carpet fragment 17-18th century, Central or Western Anatolia. Turkish and Islamic Arts Museum (Jozan archive photo 2007)

Academic Sessions

The theme for ICOC XV is ‘Oriental Carpet Studies 2024: The Past and Future of Carpet Weaving and Collecting’ and the Academic Committee has achieved 76 proposals from 20 countries.

Many proposals came from young professionals and also carpet producing companies. Also renowned professors and scholars in the field applied for the conference. The schedule will soon be announced. The Academic Sessions will take place 7-8 June at The Marmara Taksim Hotel.

The Academic Committee includes Alberto Boralevi (Italy), Udo Hirsch (Türkiye), Reyhan Polat (Türkiye), Markus Voigt (Germany), Wendel Swan (US) and Ali Riza Tuna (Switzerland).

Dealer’s Fair

There will be about 32 dealers attending to the fair. To name the few: Şeref Özen, Celal Açıkgöz, Gallery Aydın and Amin Motamedi (Hamburg).

Dealer’s Fair will take place at The Marmara Taksim Hotel 6-9 June.


The exhibition at Turkish and Islamic Arts Museum showcase hidden gems from the inventory of the museum. 38 pieces, most of them never seen or published before, will be displayed. The collection is from Seljuks 13th century to 17th century.

Karapinar fragment
Hidden Gems from The Turkish and Islamic Art Museum. TIEM, Inv. No 399, Karapinar fragment 17th Century.

Topkapi Palace, built right after Istanbul’s conquest, owns the world’s most valuable textile and porcelain collection. The palace collection of rugs and textiles will be showcased. The palace had rugs starting from 16th century onwards.

Tophane-i Amire was built for Ottoman fleet in 15th century. Apart from rugs and textiles, kilims are also valuable for collectors. The most valuable kilims, flatweaves and other small objects from private collections will be exhibited at Tophane-i Amire. Isil Akbargil, Kenan Koyuncu, Ziya Bozoglu, Ali Riza Tuna, Tim Hayes, Peter Scholten are some of the private collectors.

Side events include ‘Rare Syrian and Lebanese Woven Textiles of the Ottoman Era Exhibition’ at the Museum of Turkish and Islamic Art, Istanbul, ‘Josephine Powell Famous Anatolia Collection’ by Koc Mansion (VKV) at Buyukdere, Belkis Balpinar’s private exhibition at Anna Laudel Gallery and ‘Adorable & Precious’ – children’s costumes in the Sadberk Hanım Museum Collection.

South Central Anatolian slit-tapestry kilim
Josephine Powell Collection: South Central Anatolian slit-tapestry kilim ( Jozan archive photo by Raoul Tschebull April 2007)
Rare Syrian and Lebanese Woven Textiles
Textile in the collection of ‘Rare Syrian and Lebanese Woven Textiles of the Ottoman Era Exhibition’

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