Jozan draws 10 VIP-tickets for BARE 2013 in Berlin

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BARE 2013
BARE 2013

In two weeks the Berlin Antique Rug & Textile Exhibition BARE 2013 will open its gates. The fair is organized by Carpet Collector, the new magazine on antique rugs and textiles. BARE will offer something for both experts and beginners and anyone interested in culture and beautyful textiles are encouraged to attend. The consistently high standard of exhibitors guarantees that this event will appeal to well-versed collectors and connoisseurs and certainly also will infect newbies with the “rug virus”. “There were several reasons for choosing to hold the exhibition in Berlin. First of all, it is a city of superlatives that magically attracts tourists. Secondly, Berlin is home to many important museums, including the Museum of Islamic Art, which is just a short walk away from the Alte Münze, the venue for BARE.” Tim Steinert, editor-in-chief of Carpet Collector says.

Besides the fair itself there are other very interesting special exhibitions. Small group tours to the exhibition “Schicksalsnacht im Tresorraum der Alten Münze – Das Ende der bedeutenden Sammlung Bodes” (The Fateful Night in the Old Mint‘s Vault – The End of the Major Bode Collection) will be offered several times a day. These tours will be guided because the vaults in the old factory building are very difficult to reach.

Two sales exhibitions will accompany the fair: “Carpet Collections” where the organizers have selected several thematic collections and display them in a large exhibition room. This exhibition will showcase high-quality collector rugs and textiles. Especially geared towards the next generation of rug collectors is “Just for the fun”, featuring pieces in an affordable price range for younger rug enthusiasts.

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