BARE: More antique rugs and textiles

Berlin Antique Rugs & Textile Exhibition ended Sunday 2 June 2013 at 18.00 after four pleasant days for both visitors and dealers. The visitors seemed happy with the high standard of the exhibited rugs and most dealers reported about sales and were generally satisfied with the inaugual Berlin antique rug fair… read more

BARE: The Bode Collection

A special documentary photo exhibition showing carpets from the Major Bode Collection is a part of the ongoing Berlin Rugs & Textile Exhibition at the Alte Münze in Berlin. This special photo exhibition is especially relevant because the Bode Collection actually was stored ind the vaults in the Alte Münze but was destroyed in a bomb raid on 11 March 1945. .. read more

Special thematic exhibition at BARE

The Berlin Antique Rugs & Textile Exhibition, which will run through Sunday 2 June, includes besides the dealers fair, a special thematic sales exhibition of selected Turkmen, Anatolian, Caucasian, Chinese and Persian rugs and carpets. The exhibition is a mix of exclusive antique rugs and antique rugs priced below 1,000 EUR… read more