ICOC Symposium in June 2013

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Transylvanian rug. Special exhibition Museum of Applied Arts, Budapest.
Transylvanian rug. Special exhibition Museum of Applied Arts, Budapest.

ICOC is planning a symposium in Prague-Budapest in 2013. Dennis Dodds announced this at the recent ICOC in Stockholm and Peter Bichler, who will be ICOC’s main organizer of this symposium, has just confirmed that planning is in progress.

“I’m just back from a visit to Prague, where I had the opportunity to step into concrete talks about a ICOC Symposium Prague-Budapest, beeing held in the end of June 2013” says Peter Bichler to Jozan Magazine.

“The symposium will consist of an academic program with special focus on carpets and collections in the Czech Republic, two exhibitions on the premesis of the National Museum and/or the National Gallery. For these exhibitions we should be able to bring little known “treasures” like a Mamluk carpet and Transylvanian rugs from various Czech castles into Prague” he continues.

“Another special and important feature will be the Jewish Museum in Prague which houses the largest collection of Jewish textiles in the world, there we will have access to the depot” says Peter Bichler.

The Prague part will run from Thursday evening to Sunday lunchtime – then departure to Budapest. In Budapest the attendees will be visiting an exhibition of carpets and rugs from private Hungarian collections – this will be held in the Jewish Museum in Budapest; a compact lecture program with a few selected papers and a visit to the Museum of Applied Arts in Budapest.

“This is just the layout” says Peter Bichler “we are pretty much at a planning stage right now but we all are very positive about it and I’m sure Prague-Budapest will turn out to be a fascinating aspect in the ICOC program to come.”

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