ICOC XII Stockholm overview

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The 12th International Conference on Oriental Carpets took place in June 2011 in Stockholm with 300 delegates from all over the world.

With a pre-conference tour to Copenhagen 13-15 June, the conference in Stockholm 16-19 June and a post-conference tour to St. Petersburg 20-23 June ICOC XII will also be remembered for including three countries.

The Copenhagen Tour: Silk tapestry first half 14th century. The David Collection.

The opening ceremony 16 June included speeches by the local ICOC Chair Anette Granlund and ICOC’s General Secretary Dennis Dodds. During the ceremony Alberto Boralevi and Stefano Ionescu were rewarded with the McMullan Award.

The Opening Ceremony: Alberto Boralevi held the Opening Lecture.

The quality of the lectures 17-18 June was high. The Academic Committe had decided to reduce the number of lectures to forty, which according to the Academic Chair Alberto Boralevi, was a very difficult task because the committee received some 100 proposals.

The lectures were organized in different sessions: Carpet in Paintings, Central Asia, Scandinavia, Silk Road, Balkans, Miscellaneous, Collectors and Collections, Turkey, India and Persia.

Peter Willborgs 17th century Transylvanian rug was on display at the fair and was mentioned in Stefano Ionescu’s lecture.

ICOC XII included three special exhibitions of privately owned rugs and textiles: Oriental carpets, Turkmen rugs and Scandinavian textiles. The collection of Scandinavian textiles included nearly fifty textiles and draw special attention.

Scandinavian Textiles: a set of cushions dated 1824.

The level of exhibited rugs and textiles at the Dealers Fair ( IV, III, II, I ) was high and so were the prices for the treasures. Some fifty antique rug and textile dealers did their best to show the delegates and the public outstanding collections of antique pieces.

ICOC Dealers Fair: Michael Craycraft in his stand.

The museum visits 17-18 June in Stockholm were popular evening amusements for the delegates. The expectations were high during the visits to the Museum of Ethnography and The National Historical Museum 17 June and to the Royal Armoury 18 June. And the delegates enjoyed the displays of historical textiles and rugs and also good company.

Museum visits: The Textile Chamber in the National Historical Museum

The Stockholm conference closed 19 June 2011 with final remarks by Dennis Dodds. He also said a few words about the future and announced that the next ICOC is planned to take place in 2014. A symposium is under planning in Europe in 2013.

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