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Chair of ICOC Academic Comittee Alberto Boralevi (Jozan archive photo)

The Academic Committee has just announced their Call for Papers for ICOC Stockholm 2011. The deadline for proposals is 30 September 2010.

The committee is composed by Alberto Boralevi (Italy – Chair of the Academic Comittee),  Thomas Farnham ( USA – Chair of the Publications Committee), Margareta Nockert (Sweden), Elena Tsareva (Russia), Peter Bichler (Austria), Daniel Shaffer (England), Anette Granlund (Chair of the Local Organizing Committee) and Dennis Dodds (ICOC Secretary General).

“We want to increase as much as possible the quality of the papers presented and for this we have decided: first, to reduce the number of admitted talks  to a maximum of 40 and second to abolish the so-called Poster Sessions” says Alberto Boralevi to Jozan Magazine. “We want to encourage special sessions on specific topics and we have appointed one or more responsible persons for each session we have drawn up” he continues.

The planned session topics include Scandinavian Rugs and Textiles, Historic Russian and Scandinavian Rug Collectors and Collections, Early Textile Finds in the History of Carpet Weaving and Turkmen & Central Asian Rugs & Textiles.

Chair of ICOC Local Organizing Committee Anette Granlund (Jozan archive photo)

“This doesn’t mean that we are not open to accept other possible contributions and other special sessions submitted to us by other paper proponents” says Alberto Boralevi.

The Academic Comittee has adopted a new method for submitting paper proposals. Instead of sending emails or letters the proposals are submitted and uploaded directly through the Conference website. This new method will be more safe and the publication of the abstracts in the Conference program will be easier and less expensive.

The ICOC Stockholm website is expected to be online in 7-10 days.

“On behalf of ICOC Academic Committee I look forward to receive many interesting and innovative paper proposals” says Alberto Boralevi.

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