ICOC 3-13 November 2005

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An ICOC Educational Experience:
The Architecture, Carpets and Textiles
of Moorish Spain and Portugal
 November 3-13, 2005
Join us on this tour to Andalusia and Lisbon!
        History, culture, architecture and art of Andalusian Spain are inextricably
linked to an Islamic design heritage that began there some 1,300 years ago. The
astounding wealth of culture in al-Andalus became a turning point in the
successful recovery of the Iberian Peninsula after the collapse of Rome.  Fine
buildings, since transformed, but with their integrity intact, still resonate
with the ancient call of the Caliphs.
        We visit living monuments such as the magnificent 9th century Mezquita in
Cordoba, the mesmerizing Nasrid Alhambra in Granada and the glorious remains of
the 10th century Medina al-Zahra. We’ll see one of three remaining early
synagogues in Spain and visit the world’s largest Gothic cathedral in Seville.
        Our group will view the great art of Madrid and important carpets in the
Thyssen-Bornemisza Museum.  We meet the curators and view exceptional rugs and
textiles in the Instituto de Valencia de Don Juan and Lisbon’s famous Calouste
Gulbenkian Museum and Museu Nacional de Arte Antiga.

For a Reservation Form and complete Itinerary of this unusual ICOC program,
please visit our website:
www.icoc-orientalrugs.org.  Book by 15th June and you
may win a free $500 travel voucher.
Dennis R. Dodds, Secretary-general
International Conference on Oriental Carpets (I.C.O.C.)
E: dennisdodds@juno.com
T: 215.248.0494

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