Sartirana Textile Show & Exhibition of Central Asian Carpets and Textiles

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Dear Rug Friends,

Do you remember Sartirana Castle in Italy?

Sartirana Castle
Sartirana Castle

In 1991 Between Warp & Weft was organised there. It was the first just Textile Antique’s Fair ever held in Italy and it was then repeated three times. After fourteen years we have decided to try it again, looking for a renaissance of antique rugs and textiles culture and market.

Sartirana Textile Show is a new Dealers Fair, originally imagined by Alfio Nicolosi, with Edoardo Concaro’s co-operation and mine. It will be hosted again by the Sartirana Castle, that this year will celebrate the 25th anniversary of its renown Antique’s Fair: Mostra Mercato d’Antiquariato.

Sartirana Textile Show will be held in the fascinating premises of the Pila, an agricultural-industrial old building that had been originally used for rice manufacturing. The parallel Antique’s Fair in the nearby Castle will grant a vast audience of visitors.

Participation of selected Italian and Foreign Dealers will be by invitation only. Besides the Dealers fair we shall organise also an Exhibition of Central Asian Carpets and Textiles from Italian private collections, that will be accompanied by lectures.

The selected dates 8th-11th September coincide with the opening and first weekend of Sartirana’s Mostra Mercato d’Antiquariato, but the antique’s show as well as part of the textile dealers will stay on also in the second weekend: from September 15th to 18th

Locandina en 533x800 - Sartirana Textile Show & Exhibition of Central Asian Carpets and Textiles

If you wish to participate in this renaissance and live a very stimulating experience…

If you want to meet old friends and new dealers…

If you like to see an outstanding display of antique carpets and textiles to buy and sell…

If you desire to widen your awareness of the international rug market…

If you crave to relax four days in the peacefulness of Lomellina’s countryside with good wine and risotto…

Sartirana Textile Show will be the best place for spending a late summer weekend.

If you want to receive an invitation card – send me an email or call at one of the numbers below.

Don’t miss Sartirana’s Renaissance, an historical event in the carpet world.

Yours faithfully
Alberto Boralevi

Organising Office: Alberto Boralevi, Via S.Spirito, 11 – Florence – Italy
Tel. +39 055 211 423 – Cell. +39 335 542 7107 – Fax +39 055 265 0560 – E-MAIL

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