Carpet Study Tour to Transylvania and Bukovina

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Stefano Ionescu will organize a Carpet Study Tour to Transylvania and Bukovina from 6-17 June 2019.

‘ During the tour we will visit Lutheran Churches displaying Transylvanian rugs, Orthodox monasteries, Royal castles, museums and medieval towns. We will meet Lutheran pastors, Orthodox nuns, museum curators, collectors and members of the Romanian, Saxon, Hungarian and Seckler communities ‘ says Stefano Ionescu to Jozan Magazine.

Archive photo HALI Tour 2013. Ben Evans illustrating a Holbein rug

The program also includes a visit to the Museum of Textiles, recently opened by Florica Zaharia, Conservator Emerita of the Metropolitan Museum of Art, where she worked for nearly half of her life as textile conservator. This is the only private museum dedicated to textiles in the country .

Archive photo: Viewing carpets in a private collection

More information about the tour: Tour progam (pdf)


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