Carpet study tour to Azerbaijan instead of Baku congress

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Image1 300x399 - Carpet study tour to Azerbaijan instead of Baku congressThe planned International Congress on Azerbaijani Carpets in June 2013 in Baku was cancelled two weeks ago by the Minister of Culture. Many attendees were very disappointed by the fact that they both missed the congress and also their money for prepaid fly tickets.

But – when Roya Taghiyeva, Director of the Azerbaijani Carpet Museum, announced the cancellation, she also suggested an alternative cultural tour with the possibility to visit the carpet storages of the Azerbaijani Carpet Museum and the Museum of History, carpet workshops in Baku, and historical and natural sights of Baku and Sheki.

By a prompt initiative by Alberto Boralevi and Stefano Ionescu a program for this alternative carpet study tour is present.

“This tour is not the Congress, but it can still be very interesting, expecially for those who have not been in Azerbaijan before” said Alberto Boralevi to Jozan Magazine and continued “Our friend Stefano Ionescu, who has a great experience as organizer of rug study tours has drafted a program for 17-21 June 2013 working together with a Baku travel agency.  There is a limited number of 25 participants and probably also someone who was not invited to the Congress could be interested in participating in this tour”.

Links:  Program for carpet study tour (pdf)

More information and registration: Stefano Ionescu

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