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Carpet Art, Evolution of Meanings at Kazan Kremlin

Dr. Shirin Melikova

On 7 July 2021, the Historic-Architectural and Art Museum-Reserve The Kazan Kremlin hosted the opening ceremony of the exhibition Carpet Art, Evolution of Meanings. An exhibition of Azerbaijani carpet weaving art, its traditions, and contemporary designs was on display for the first time in Kazan. The exhibition at Kazan Kremlin … read more

Azerbaijan National Carpet Museum

The Azerbaijan National Carpet Museum, the first museum in the world of its kind was founded in 1967 and located in different buildings for 54 years. In 2014, the Carpet Museum moved to a new specially designed building in order to present to the world, fully and at the proper … read more

International Conference “Museums, Textile Collections and Perspectives of Mutual Cooperation”

The Azerbaijan National Carpet Museum held the international conference “Museums, Textile Collections and Perspectives of Mutual Cooperation” 14-17 November 2019 in Baku. Thirty-nine experts from Azerbaijan, Turkey, UK, Germany, Russia, Italy, Georgia, Serbia, Kyrgyzstan, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Iran, and Thailand participated in the conference. Dr. Shirin Melikova, Director of the Azerbaijan … read more