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Sartirana Textile Show 13-16 September 2012 includes a special exhibition entitled “Aleppo Kilims and Related Textiles from Private Collections”.

The idea of this exhibition is based on examination of some very interesting paintings by the well known Italian ‘Orientalist’ painter Giulio Rosati (Rome 1858-1917). Some of his works are remarkable for the presence of many antique carpets, including examples that must have been a few centuries older than the paintings themselves. Among these paintings, at least three of them show some typical long and narrow kilims woven in Syria in the town of Aleppo and used mainly as sit covers or wall hangings. Most of these kilims have a long and narrow format and are to fragile to be used as floor coverings. These kilims have a typical pattern with a plain blue field adorned with few motives like stars or diamonds and show a peculiar border of zig-zag lines that make them easy to identify.

The special exhibition of Aleppo kilims will present a dozen of these examples woven in wool, or wool and cotton and sometimes enriched by gilded or silvered metal threads. Some rare prayer kilims woven in wool or silk and metal threads, as well as other precious silk textiles with the same style and of the same provenance, will complete the exhibition.

Aleppo prayer. Wool 120×73 cm.
Aleppo purse back
Aleppo purse front
Silk and silver prayer 160×94 cm
Cotton Aleppo 245×88 cm
Wool Aleppo 265×82 cm
Giulio Rosati “Game of_Backgammon”
Rosati Giulio “The Carpet Merchant”

In total there will be about 25 examples from three different collections shown together with reproductions of the Rosati Paintings.

Location: Sartirana Textile Show 13-16 September 2012, Sartirana Castle, Sartirana, Lomellina, Italy

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