The Turkmen rugs exhibition at Sartirana Textile Show

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Sartirana Textile Show 2016 took place 18-22 September 2016 in Sartirana, Lomellina near Milan. The show included, besides the fair, a highly interesting side-exhibition of Turkmen rugs with top pieces from Italian Collections. Some of the best pieces are illustrated and described in the recently published book by Jürg Rageth ‘Turkmen Carpets. A New Perspective’.

‘The Turkmen exhibition was very beautiful and everybody liked it, including Juerg Rageth for whom it had been organized’ said Alberto Boralevi to Jozan Magazine.

The Turkmen rugs exhibition was held in the renewed spaces of the ground floor of ‘La Pila’, the seventeenth-century rice mill, where the Sartirana Textile Show is held.

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