Textile study tour to Laos and Cambodia

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TSAStudytourThe Textile Society of America has just announced a new textile study tour 24 May – 5 June 2014 entitled ‘Textiles of Laos and Cambodia: Traditions and Transitions’. This tour will involve ten days of exploring the textile traditions of Laos and Cambodia in cultural context.

Laos and Cambodia have been producing silk textiles for millennia, and continue to respond to demands in the 21st century. This tour will explore these traditions through hands-on and village-based experiences, as well as engage with artisans working to revive techniques and create for new audiences.

‘Highlights include workshops with some of Laos’ finest weavers and dyers, exclusive sunrise visits to Angkor Wat and a two-day river trip to artisan villages’ said Michelle Hardy, TSA, to Jozan Magazine.

The Bayon temple, Angkor Wat, Cambodia (Jozan archive photo)
The Bayon temple, Angkor Wat, Cambodia (Jozan archive photo)


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