Dream Weavers – Textile Art from the Tibetan Plateau

Thomas Cole’s new book has just been published. In Dream Weavers: Textile Art from the Tibetan Plateau, Thomas Cole traces the origins of the Tibetan people and their culture, and takes the reader through the tribal tradition of the Tibetan weaving aesthetic. This perceptive and well-documented historical text establishes a … read more

Tibetan Rugs – A Tribal Tradition

Thomas Cole will speak about Tibetan Rugs 29 July 7.00-8.30 pm. in American Club, Singapore. Thomas Cole, a frequent speaker at international events, will share his experience on the history and art of Central Asian weaving as it is manifested in the rugs and textiles of China, Tibet and East … read more

The Tibetan Rug Market & Scholarship – Waving in the Breeze

Article and photos by Thomas Cole, June 9th 2003 Like the proverbial prayer flags, flapping in a high Himalayan breeze, the direction of the Tibetan rug market remains with out a real direction or purpose. After all these years (12 to be exact since the appearance of HALI 49, Tibetan … read more