Michael Craycraft

Bertram Frauenknecht, Michael Craycraft and Ulrike Montigel at Sartirana textile Show 2011

Michael Craycraft died 10 May 2015 after a long struggle against leukaemia and he will be deeply missed by his many friends and colleagues in the tribal rug world. Michael was my friend and he contributed to Jozan Magazine with a lot of interesting photos, reviews and articles from antique rug fairs, exhibitions and conferences. He was a foremost expert … read more

Sartirana Textile Show was visited by the Pre-ICOC travel group

Members of Stefano Ionescu's travel group inspecting some Balouch bags after DeWitt Mallary's lecture

The participants of Stefano Ionescu’s ‘Pre-ICOC Tour to Lombardia’ visited the Sartirana Textile Show in the afternoon Thursday 11 September where they attended DeWitt Mallary’s lecture on Balouch bags, the special exhibition of peasant Italian textiles and of course the Dealer’s Fair… read more

Sartirana Textile Show 2014

The 10th edition of the annual Sartirana Textile Show will run from Wednesday 10 September 2014 through Sunday 14 September at La Pila in Sartirana, Lomellina. Though the venue is located in the countryside in Sartirana, the Sartirana Textile Show has been the most important antique rug fair in Europe in the last decade… read more