TMA/SC events – Oriental carpets and textiles

In August the program includes “The Evolving Surface of 20th Century Kimono” Sunday 19 August 2 pm with Hollis Goodall. The September program includes “Qara U’y: the Qaraqalpaq Yurt and its Decoration” Saturday 15 September 2012 with David and Susan Richardson.. read more

ICOC Dealers Fair – part II

The ICOC Dealers Fair included a lot of highly collectable, and expensive, antique rugs on display. The fair was open 16 June in the evening for the delegates and 17-19 June for the public. Read more: Dealers Fair part I

ICOC Istanbul April 2007

Anatolian carpets exhibited in the Turkish and Islamic Arts Museum in Istanbul.

Press release ICOC Istanbul: Dear Friends, Colleagues and Dealers, Plans for the International Conference on Oriental Carpets (ICOC) that will be held in Istanbul are now in place, and April 2007 will be here sooner than you think! The ICOC-Istanbul website is now up and running. It is full of … read more