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Drs. Koos de Jong will do a lecture tour in USA and Canada this autumn. The occasion is his new book ‘Dragon & Horse – Saddle Rugs and Other Horse Tack from China and Beyond’ and an invitation from the American Conference of Oriental Rugs (ACOR). The tour program is organized by Cheri Hunter, Program Chairman, Textile Museum Associates of Southern California.

The ACOR tour program includes the following lectures by Koos de Jong:

  • Ningxia_top_saddle_rug_18c
    Ningxia top saddle rug 18th century from the de Jong – de Roode Collection

    16 October 2013 in Calgary

  • 18 October in San Francisco, CA
  • 21 October in Seattle, WA
  • 23 October in Portland, OR
  • 26 october in Los Angeles, CA
  • 1 November in Chicago, IL
  • 2 November in Indianapolis, IN
  • 5 November in New York, NY
  • 8 November in Philadelphia, PA
  • 9 November in Princeton, NJ
  • 10 November in Washington, DC
  • 15 November in Boston, NE
  • 17 November in Montreal

Koos de Jong’s lectures will focus on the following topics:

  1. Early Tibetan (saddle) rugs
  2. Ceremonial (saddle) rugs, like the so-called ‘RKO’ rugs, the Ningxia ‘column’ rugs, tiger rugs or the Tibetan flayed human skin rugs
  3. Mongolian’ felt rugs
  4. Camel saddle rugs

His new book  ‘Dragon & Horse. Saddle Rugs and Other Horse Tack from China and Beyond’ will also come up for discussion and he will tell about the results of further research.

Koos de Jong’s lecture in San Francisco 18 October 2013 is a part of the program for the Antique Rug & Textile Show 17-20 October 2013. Earlier this year Koos de Jong has presented his book and held lectures in Utrecht, Hong Kong, Beijing and Baku and 20 September 2013 he will also hold a lecture at Sartirana Textile Show.

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