Namakdan salt bag

A Namakdan is a nomadic salt bag for carrying and storing salt. The nomads used the salt to add to their food or to feed to their grazing animals. These Namakdans are often attributed to the Afshars, the Kurds, the Bakhtiaries, the Lurs and the Baluchis.

Luri-Bakhtiari Namakdan
Luri-Bakhtiari Namakdan (Salt bag) ca. 1900. Rippon Boswell lot A77-30
Kordi salt bag
Kordi salt bag (Namakdan), Khorasan, 20th century. Rippon Boswell lot A79-231
Jaff Salt bag
Jaff Salt bag, late 19th century. Rippon Boswell auction lot A79-89
Afshar Namakdan
Afshar Namakdan, second half 19th century. Rippon Boswell lot A97-159
Baluch salt bag
Baluch salt bag. Rippon Boswell auction lot A74-266