Coronation carpet

Two famous carpets are called “The Coronation Carpet”. The Danish Coronation Carpet owned by the Danish Royal Family  and LACMA’s Coronation Carpet.

The Coronation Carpet at Rosenborg Castle, Copenhagen

The Danish Coronation Carpet is 17th century Persian Isfahan carpet with a size of ca. 12 feet x 17 feet. The carpet is made of silk pile and gold and silver threads.

The Danish Coronation Carpet, a 17th century Isfahan carpet
Detail of The Coronation Carpet at Rosenborg Castle

LACMA’s Coronation Carpet

LACMA’s Coronation carpet received its name because it was used at the 1902 coronation of the United Kingdom’s Edward VII, son of Queen Victoria. The Coronation Carpet is made in Persia circa 1520-1530. The size is 276 x 144 in. (701 x 366 cm).

The Coronation Carpet – photo courtesy LACMA

The Coronation Carpet at LACMA had a twin, the Bode Animal Carpet, which was stored ind the vaults in the Alte Münze In Berlin but this carpet was destroyed in a bomb raid on 11 March 1945.

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