Arabatchi rugs

Arabatchi is a Turkmen (Turkoman) tribe of Amu Darya region in historical Turkestan.

A rare Arabatchi Chuval rug early 19th century. Size 138 x 66 cm. will be exhibited by David Sorgato
Lot 326. Arabatchi Turkmen 5 x 15 gul main carpet, Turkmenistan, second half 19th century, 9ft. 8in. x 7ft. 9in. 2.94m. x 2.36m. Estimate: £1500-2000
Lot 105. Arabatchie Engsi, Turkmenistan 4th quarter 19th century 4ft. 9in. x 4ft. 7in. 145 x 140 cm. Estimate €4,000 – €6,000
Michael Craycraft will exhibit this 18th century Arabatchie chuval
Eastern Arabatchie chuval, 1.68 X 1.01 m., 18/19th century, South Amu Darya or Bokhara. Exhibitor Michael Craycraft.
Arabatchie(?) shallow bag. Mangyshlak, Balkan Peninsula, East Caspian, 18/19th century, 1.10 X 0.44 m., Chodor gul but asymmetric knot open left. Exhibitor Michael Craycraft.

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