Brocaded rugs

The educational photo-gallery of Brocaded rugs shows examples from Anatolia.

CAMEL WOOL BROCADED RUG FROM THE OBRUK YAYLA. Identical type collected from Konya’s Aladdin Mosque for Vakiflar Museum Study. See Balpinar and Udo Hirsh’ FLATWEAVES OF THE VAKIFLAR MUSEUM ISTANBUL, PP. 266-267. This is yet another typical type, woven by a segment of a tribal group in one of the villages of the former yayla (summer pasture) of Obruk (Konya area). According to Balpinar in KILIM-CICIM-ZILI-SUMAK, members of this tribal group live in different villages now, though they are of common origin.
BALIKESIR YUNCU BROCADED RUG. An identical type, from the Yürük Collection, Germany, is shown and described in Belkis Balpinar’s KILIM-CICIM-ZILI-SUMAK, pp. 104-05. The Turkman roots of such weavings are obvious.
ADIYAMAN BROCADED PANEL. This is one half of a bi-paneled weaving on gray goat hair warps. Several types of brocading, including soumak, were executed in bands on the balanced ground. This particular type can be seen in Arend Bandsma and Robin Brandt’s FLATWEAVES OF TURKEY, p. 125, Plate 86.