African textiles

African textiles are from various locations across the African continent with different styles, techniques and decorative purposes.

Very rare Male Ewe Kente . Complicated floating figures representing the status of the individual owner. Very early 20th century. 280cm x 153cm. Exhibitor Ian Stewart Shaw
Ladies Ewe textile circa 1920. Probably worn by a female Elder , the dark blue representing age and wisdom. 195cm x 114 cm. Exhibitor Ian Stewart Shaw
Lot 76. A ceremonial hanging with an inscription, Dahomey or Benin. Size 185×140 cm. Estimate 1.000-2.000 EUR
Lot 50. A Sierra Leone woven blanket, Africa. First half 20th century. Size 136×101 cm. Estimate 1.000-2.000 EUR.

Images in the African textiles gallery are published with permission from auction houses, dealers, collectors or museums.