Kerman carpets

Kerman is a city in southeast Iran. Persian Kerman carpets (Kirman) from the 17th century include the famous Kerman ‘Vase’ carpets and this educational photo-gallery includes several fragments of these carpets. More recent antique weavings include medaillon designs, pictorial carpets and other designs.

Vase carpet, Kerman ca. 1600. Museum für Islamische Kunst, Berlin
Lot 1120. A KERMAN VASE CARPET. Southeast Persia size approximately 11ft. 5in. x 20ft. 2in. US$ 300,000 – 500,000
16th century Kerman ‘Vase’ carpet fragment 37 x 25cm – James Cohen Antique Carpets –
Kerman Tree of Life
Lot 126, Kerman, circa 1920, 220 x 147cm. Limit 4500 EUR
Lot 3107. A Kerman carpet South Central Persia circa 1920 size approximately 12ft. 7in. x 25ft. Estimate: US$ 12,000 – 14,000
Kerman carpet fragment, South Persia second half 17th century
Kerman rug, Persia. Vase design. Early 20th century. 235 x 135 cm. Est. 10.000.- Euro.
17th century Kerman vase carpet border fragment. Exhibitor Alberto Levi.