Kerman carpets

Kerman is a city in southeast Iran. Persian Kerman carpets (Kirman) from the 17th century include the famous Kerman ‘Vase’ carpets and this educational photo-gallery includes several fragments of these carpets. More recent antique weavings include medaillon designs, pictorial carpets and other designs.

Lot 1120. A KERMAN VASE CARPET. Southeast Persia size approximately 11ft. 5in. x 20ft. 2in. US$ 300,000 – 500,000
16th century Kerman ‘Vase’ carpet fragment 37 x 25cm – James Cohen Antique Carpets –
Lot 126, Kerman, circa 1920, 220 x 147cm. Limit 4500 EUR
Lot 3107. A Kerman carpet South Central Persia circa 1920 size approximately 12ft. 7in. x 25ft. Estimate: US$ 12,000 – 14,000
Kerman carpet fragment, South Persia second half 17th century
Kerman rug, Persia. Vase design. Early 20th century. 235 x 135 cm. Est. 10.000.- Euro.
17th century Kerman vase carpet border fragment. Exhibitor Alberto Levi.

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